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General Information
BBS Rules
BCC Rules
BuCeS BBS Rules

Rules (in Turkish) / Kurallar (Turkce)

The rules are neat. All users are responsible for reading and obeying these RULES. If you do not obey them, it's your own risk. The founders of this BBS, any other user and BUCES members are not responsible for the misuse of these rules.

1. By registering as a user on this system, the user is agreeing to abide the rules of this BBS. Ignorance of these rules is never an acceptable excuse.

2. Users are NOT allowed to make protests or leave posts violating applicable local, university, state or federal laws, or applicable Internet regulations.

3. New accounts must contain accurate and verifiable information in all of the personal information fields (type help newuser). Maintaining and using more than one BUCES BBS account is prohibited, with the exception of Admin test-accounts which are opened by admins and can only be used by them. Users that open more than one account or use another one's account have the second account closed. Admins of this BBS will not explain anything to the owner of that second account. Person that leads to the closure of that account will do it to the owner.

4. BUCES BBS will not verify the authenticity or veracity of any information posted on the board, and the user is responsible for anything that might result from acting on information contained in said posts. You own your own words. This means _you_ are responsible for the words that you post on BUCES BBS.

5. Each user is individually responsible for anything done or posted from his/her account. Offensive posts, plagiarism or uncited texts, violation of BUCES BBS Rules are the responsibility of the owner of the account and not anyone else or these rules.

6. Any kind of harassment (including swearing) is forbidden in forums, in chat room, by use of eXpress messages, titles and profiles. Harassment is defined as any unsolicited communication received after a "NO CONTACT" request has been made, and is further defined to include harassment predicated on personal characteristics such as race, gender, associative preferences, etc.
    Anyone who is receiving unwanted communications from a User is requested to put the User's name on his/her enemy list (type "help enemy"). This will prohibit User being able to send him/her x messages.
    If this harassment is made in any of chat rooms, simply type "jump mail" and then "mail admin". Do NOT forget to include the number of chat room, date, time, and the name of the user. Admins will check the dialog between you and that User.
    If mail is used for harassment, do the same procedure but you are only required to give the name of the User.

7. Don't continue to press another user if they do not give you a positive response the first time. Perhaps that User is busy, or not interested in corresponding. If you really need to talk to that User, leave him/her Mail. If you just want to talk to someone, try another User, or use one of chat rooms.

8. If a User clearly states for you to stop ing him/her, any further contact with him/her can be considered harassment, so DON'T do it! If there is a problem with this, do: "jump mail" and "mail admin" to contact with Admins.

9. Do not send harassing or sexually explicit Mails or press messages. HARASSMENT LEADS TO BANISHMENT OR DELETION OF YOUR ACCOUNT!!!!

10. Read a forum's messages, several of them, to get the idea of the topic under discussion there before entering your comments. Read the forum information (type info after you "jump" into the forum) to get an even clearer idea of the intent of the forum. This helps keep down the number of rambling messages one has to read, and makes the whole system run more smoothly. Forum Moderators have the ability to remove off topic posts, and kick off people that keeps babbling in forum.

11. Using any program that lets you stay online, or re-enter BBS when you're disconnected is NOT allowed. Main purpose of those people who use them is to increase their ages in order to reach the limit for a nickname change. Some other people may have different purposes but, in any case, these programs are NOT allowed.

12. Users' rights to privacy and confidentiality will be respected at all times in regard to Mail, *HIDDEN* personal information, press messages, and complaints filed, except in the following circumstances:
    a. Presentation of a court order, or the equivalent in the case of University proceedings, requiring disclosure of the files/records.
    b. Verified evidence of a life-threatening emergency.

13. Violations of this Rules will be handled according to below regulations:
    a. A user's nonsense or off-topic posts will be removed from the forum by Forum Moderator. If user keeps on those postings, he/she will be kicked by the Moderator. This will prevent user from only leaving posts.
    b. Anyone that violates these rules is required to explain their perception of that situation prior to any punishment. If user has no excuse, he/she will be banished for 1 day at first time without any WARNING. In a second violation, user will be banished for 2 days. Third time, user will be banished for 1 week. If person keeps violating rules, he/she will be banished forever. Banishment does not allow a user to enter this BBS for the specified time. However, that specified order may not be applied according to the type of violation and the behavior of the user.
    c. Printing any kind of fake messages is strictly forbidden. Harassment is also forbidden as in X messages. A user harassing others in chat rooms will firstly be prevented from using them for 2 days without any WARNING. Second time, he/she will be punished for 1 week. Finally, user will not be allowed to use chat rooms any more.
    d. Finally, note that It is the _person_ who is being banished or deleted, not the account, so starting a new account is not allowed by those who have been banished or deleted for disciplinary reasons. Action may be taken against the user at his/her home site if they access the BUCES BBS in such a manner.

14. All the X messages, mails, and chat rooms have been logged because of security and harassment. So, please be careful while you are sending messages to other people. You might be subjected to one of the actions that are mentioned in rule 13 if any complaints are made.

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