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General Information
BuCeS BBS Rules
BCC Rules
BCC Rules

These are the UNIX SYSTEMS USAGE RULES of BILKENT COMPUTER CENTER. They have nothing to do with this BBS. We have our own rules. In case of any problem within this BBS, our rules are applied. We put this here, since we are required to announce them.

1. Users are responsible for use of their accounts and user-ids. These should be used only for the stated purpose. Stated restrictions on the use of the account must be respected. For example:
  • Project, guest accounts must be used only for the stated purpose.
  • Login restrictions to certain hosts must be respected.
  • Restrictions on the use of the SUN WS Laboratories must be respected.

2. The only user allowed to use a particular account is the person in whose name it was issued. Users must not make their passwords available to others under any circumstances. Use of any method such as rlogin, su, telnet etc. for using accounts belonging to others is forbidden.

3. Users must not attempt to find out passwords of other users by any means.

4. BCC computer facilities are not to be used for private monetary gain unless specifically authorized for such use.

5. Users must not browse, access, copy or change private files without authorization, or change public files without authorization.

6. Unauthorized access to restricted system data bases is forbidden.

7. Users must not attempt to modify the computer systems or software in any unauthorized manner. Any attempt to break system security is expressly forbidden.

8. The use of invasive software, such as "worms" and "viruses" destructive to computer systems, is illegal and forbidden.

9. BCC computing facilities are a valuable resource for University use and they should be conserved. Users must properly utilize these resources to minimize any unnecessary impact of their work on others. This includes:
  • Use of Internet Relay Channel (IRC) or similar programs is not permitted.
  • Users must not play computer games.
  • Users must run cpu and disk intensive batch processes with the lowest priority.
  • Users must not run batch processes in more than three machines simultaneously.
  • Users must not use the system mail spool directory to keep large amounts of mail, as it must be shared by everbody, and there is a limited amount of file space.

10. Users must not use publicly accessible system directories for their private purposes. This includes the use of disk space reserved for system processes in such directories as /tmp, /usr/tmp.

11. Users must not change their full name as assigned to them when the account is first opened. This name identifies the person in all communications and must be the person's actual name.

12. Users of any electronic communication facilities, such as electronic mail, mailing lists, anonymous ftp, bulletin boards and includes the random mailing of messages; the sending or making accessible of obscene, harassing, or threatening material; or the use of the facilities for commercial or political purposes.

14. Hardware, software, manuals, supplies, etc., must not be removed from computer laboratories without proper authorization.

15. Abuse or misuse of any computer hardware or software and booting a unix machine without the notice of system operators are forbidden.

16. Viewing or using another person's computer files, programs or data without authorized permission is forbidden. This rule applies even when material appears to be legally unprotected.

17. Computer laboratories are provided so that users can do necessary course and project work. Therefore excessive messaging ( using talk, mail, etc. ) and navigating the Internet have lower priorities. The worst public effects of such usage are lack of free computers and traffic congestion on the network. Anyone observing such lower priority usage has the right to ask the user to leave the computer or to report the problem to the BCC people on duty.

18. BCC reserves the right to periodically check the system and any newsgroups, are obligated to comply with the restrictions stated. other rights necessary to protect the University computer facilities. BCC also reserves the right to change BCC Unix Systems usage rules.


In the following paragraphs penalties for the violations of BCC Unix Systems Usage Rules are defined.

  • Violating rules 1, 3, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17 may result in loss of access to the account for one week and/or violators will be subjected to the disciplinary action.
  • Violating rules 4, 6, 7, 8, and 13 may result in loss of access to the account for two weeks and violators will be subjected to the disciplinary action.
  • Violators of rule 2 will be subjected to the disciplinary action and/or this violation may lead to the following punitive measures.
  • if the account owner gives permission to others for using his/her account:

      a) If others have Bilkent accounts: Accounts belonging to the owner and others will be locked for one week.

      b) If others have no Bilkent accounts: Owner's account will be locked for two weeks.

  • If the account owner is unaware of the fact that his/her account is used by others.
  • If others have Bilkent accounts: Accounts belonging to these violators will be locked for two weeks.


Savas Karakoc
Head, UNIX System Operations
Bilkent University
Bilkent Computer Center
Phone : 0 (312) 266 4000/1344
Fax : 0 (312) 266 4126

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