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Welcome To Forum "Sports".

The aim of this forum is to discuss any topics related with sports and healthy living.There is no borders to limit the topics that can be discussed here in the forum.
While you are in the forum there are a few simple rules you may wish to obey (if you don't,bye-bye).Your posts should not include any harrasment to the users of the BBS or to any other person, unless he/she is virtual.No posts including nothing but babble are allowed.Your posts should not include a text aiming only to support a person or a team without showing any emprical evidence.(you can say ,"this team is good because of this and that ... ").
Anything bad ,that is not written above, is not to be taken into consideration like anyways allowed.
You -as the educated individual- should know how to behave in a forum concerning sports and I wish you don't make me use the command "kick" .

Have Fun...

P.S: read all the posts carefully and take notes if possible.. :)