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This room is for the discussion of all things musical... Whether that be bands, instruments, or concert dates.

1) Things that are ok:
    a) Dates, whether they be release dates, concert dates, etc.
    b) Discussion of albums, or groups... This includes where interviews can be found, questions about who did a song, or who influenced a band.
    c) Discussion about the recording industry, new equipment or techniques... Whether it be recording or playing...
    d) Posting or requesting lyrics.

2) Things that will be deleted!
    a) Non-objective posts. There should not be any "I like this band" or "That album sucks" because music is largely a matter of taste and yours might be different than someone elses. If you want to comment on how an album was mixed, or a concert was performed, go ahead, but don't try to say that someone wrote a bad song, or that a style of music sucks.
    b) Flames and extraneous babble... If someone asks a question go ahead and reply, but try to stick to the subject. If something is not likely to interest the majority of people who read this room, take it to x's or mail.