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Hello and Welcome to Movies> !!!!!

This forum is seem to be dedicated to the discussion of anything related to films. But it contains everything related to have fun (including cinema, theater, entertainment and T.V. because there is no forum related to these). Most anything regarding these is on topic here (discussions of actors, directors, opinions of what you liked or disliked about a film, etc.). HOWEVER, there are the very few rules that we all shall abide by:

1. Unsubstantiated posts of opinion are strictly off limits! You may talk about your opinions as much as you want, but BACK THEM UP! Posts such as "Film A ruled!!!!!" "Film B sucked!!!!" will be deleted. Please try to use concrete values while evaluating the movies or plays (But you are not obliged to show exact reasons while talking about the beauty of MEG). :)

2. A small amount of babble will be tolerated, but try to stay with the topic at hand, serious babble posts or serious off-topic posts will be deleted.

3. Absolutely no personal attacks, flames, or rages against other users. One warning for any such offense, and the next time you will be kicked out. This is completely and totally not tolerated.

4. Any questions regarding forum policy should be sent to the Forum moderator.

5. I don't want notes like "When does the Film A play?" or "Where does it play?". Please click Link 1 and Link 2 include all films playing in Ankara (the latter one the whole Turkey). But you may inform people about special shows like in Odtu cinema's.

That's it for now..............