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Sending mail:

Firstly, you must be in mail room in order to do the all things written in this help file. You can go into mail room by typing "jump mail".

To send a mail to a user, you have to specify user name after the command "mail". You will then be asked for a subject. You cannot send a mail without a subject. If you are successful in those parts, an editor will be invoked for the main body of the mail. This editor is almost the same as the editor used in forums. Editor has these internal commands:

    ** Save and quit the editor.
    ~x Save and quit the editor.
    ~q Abort and quit the editor.
    ~Q Abort and quit the editor.
    ~h Get help for the editor commands.
    ~? Get help for the editor commands.
    ~d#1 Delete line number #1
    ~d#1,#2 Delete line numbers #1 through #2 including #1 and #2
    ~g#1 Goto the below of line #1 and insert some lines. This insertion process does not affect the rest of the message in anyway. To go back to the end of the message and continue, just use the last line number instead of #1 that you were writing before this insertion process.
    ~p#1 Print the line number #1
    ~p#1,#2 Print the line number #1 through #2 including #1 and #2.
    ~r Print the lines that you write so far.
    ~R#1 Insert the mail number #1 into the mail. You will see > sign
    in front of the every line inserted if you type ~r.

After you finished your mail and type ** in the last line, you will see "Copy to: " part. If you want to send the copies of your mail to some other people, just type their nicknames in this field by separating them with a comma sign. If not, just press enter and leave that field empty. You will see four options. S for send, E for edit, A for abort and ? for help (it does not matter whether or not you use uppercase letters). If you want to send it, type s and press enter. Type a and press enter for aborting. You can try out edit part by yourself. It's already explained in this help file. Most important part is help part. When you type in ? , you will see some commands apart from send, abort, and edit. If you type k, you will get a copy of the mail in your mailbox. You can now abort it. In a later time, you can send the one that is in your mailbox. This will be explained in "Reading your mails" part. You can see the copy of this mail by typing v.

Reading your mails:

In mail room, you can see the headers of your _new_ mails when you type "frm". This is the only usage of this command. If you want to read your mails, type mail and press enter. You will see the headers of your _new_ mails and will be prompted for a command. In order to read the new mails press enter. Then you will read them in the order of arrival time. You can send your kept mail (explained in "Sending mail" part) by typing s #1 where #1 is the number of kept mail. You can get further help in mail tool with command h. You can give a topic after the command h. (For example, h forward). When you want to quit the mail tool, type q and press enter. Typing x is also the same but this deletes your marked messages without asking any questions to you. To mark a message, simply use the command d or m (h mark for more information ). You can , at most, keep 20 mails in your mailbox. If you have more than 20 mails, excess ones will be deleted when you quit the mail tool. Namely, all of the mails after your 20th mail will be deleted.

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