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Firstly, note that there is NOT a command called "chat". It is only a room that you can communicate with other people. You can go to one of the chat rooms by typing "jump chat". Currently, there is a limit of six people in every chat room. Here are the commands that you can use in chat rooms:

    /look : Shows a short list of users in chat room.
    /me : Allows you to emote in chat room. Try this for example: /me says hello.
    /exit : Allows you to exit from chat room.
    /unflash : Refreshes and clears your screen when someone screws up your screen by using a program called "flash".
    /who : Shows you the short list of online users on BUCES BBS.
Most of the other commands work in chat rooms. But do not forget to put a / sign before the command. Aliases you have also work in chat rooms. We strongly recommend you to look at the help files of below commands. The command toggle has two options related to the chat rooms. toggle shell and toggle ansi. Try those commands. You will easily see the differences when they are on or off.

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