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About Nicknames
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Principles Of Nicknames
Your nickname does not have to be your real name. Of course, there are some restrictions about nicknames and nickname changes. Initially, a nickname can not be obscene or sexual. We do not allow that. So, a new user's name is not shown in who list because of that reason. Your nickname can, at most, be 11 characters long. For nickname changes, your age must be at least 3 days. You can learn your age by simply typing "age". If your age is more than 3 days, then contact with an admin in order to have your nickname changed. Do not ask an admin to delete your account if you are planning to change your nickname but you don't have an age of 3 days. Since no deletions are done (except for a situation that is the accounts unused over 1 month). If someone wants to have his/her account deleted, we simply banish that person forever.

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