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Bbs FAQ v1.0

This help file includes most of the questions, ideas asked by users and their answers given by Admins. Answers given to the ideas or questions can not and will not be discussed in any case. Please read this carefully. If you can not find an answer here then your are welcome. Do not hesitate to talk about your problem to any of the Admins. We hope that most of the problems are answered here.
First thing you should do if you're in trouble is to: TYPE "help" BEFORE ASKING ANY OF ADMINS ABOUT ANY COMMAND. Also, type "help " for more information about any command.

Q.1: My finger information was hidden, but I can see it when I finger myself. What can I do?
A.1: Please do not panic. First, carefully check your finger information. If it is hidden, there must be a "*HIDDEN*" at the beginning of real name, address, e-mail address fields. If so, there is no reason to worry about it. We made the code in such a way that you can see your finger information if it is hidden but not anyone else. If you cannot see a "*HIDDEN*", then simply type "toggle hide". For more information type "help toggle".

Q.2: I can't change my password. Why?
A.2: passwd command works fine. We have tried it many times and there occured no errors. If you are connecting from METU (Middle East Technical University, or ODTU in Turkish) computer laboratories, you, most probably, will not be able to change your password because of some problems with your terminals, machines etc.

Q.3: I can log into my BBS account with more than 1 password. How can this happen?
A.3: Password command accepts maximum 8 characters. Rest of the password is ignored. For example, if your password is 12345678, you can also enter your account by typing 123456789 or 123456780. Since it takes only first 8 characters.

Q.4: Why do I see different logos when I connected to here?
A.4: Those logos are chosen randomly. So, it is possible for you to see different things in every connection.

Q.5: Why don't we have a command that we can use to send a message to everyone currently logged into BBS?
A.5: That kind of a command will be abused by most of the users.

Q.6: Can you increase the number of lines for profile?
A.6: 5 lines for profile is enough. If you write everything about you, there will be nothing left to talk about with other people. :)

Q.7: Can we be informed when someone fingers us?
A.7: No. Everyone has the right to look at the parts of finger information that are not hidden. Informing you may lead to unwanted flames with the person that looks at your finger information.

Q.8: How can I see a list of forum moderators?
A.8: You can't. There is no need for such a list. Forum Moderators do not have any difference from an ordinary user out of their forums. So, why do you need it?

Q.9: Why can't I leave a post in "Lobby" ?
A.9: Posting board in Lobby is used to announce changes, new commands etc. So, only Admins can post on that board.

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