Welcome to my page.


Although it says ADMIN when you "finger" me J ,

I don't feel like it, hell I don't even think I deserve it to begin with J .

So I am just another user with some extra commands issued J .

(And by the way, Aren't my smileys cute J That's becoming an ugly habit already)


I've been involved with the BBS from the first second it got online, and I have no intentions on giving it up.

So you have to be really patient if you're looking forward to get rid of me. I ain't going' anywhere J.


While I've been spending my nights here on the BBS I was also trying to graduate from

SIU's Engineering Department. And I finally did at December 12, 1996, which is only 2 days after my birthday,

so this year keep the presents coming ok J .



 Ready for the punch line? J Some of the code I've used for this crappy page is obviously optimized for MS Internet Explorer.

Yeah, yeah I know god damn it J So what can I do ? Go download it. Hey I hate Micro$oft as much as you do.


So this will be all for now, since it took me only an hour to do this J . As long as I get some spare time

This page will be updated regularly.

Expect to see lots of valuable links, photos and stuff like that here soon.

These photos include me and my friends:



Created April 3 , 1997